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Maroon 5 ' The Studio Albums' Box Set

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Limited box set containing five 180gm vinyl LPs from the multi-million selling pop rockers. Maroon 5 formed in Los Angeles, California. The group signed with a subsidiary of J Records, Octone Records, and released their debut album, Songs About Jane, in June 2002 which lead to a lengthy successful career.


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- Disc 1 -
1 Harder to Breathe (Side A)
2 This Love (Side A)
3 Shiver (Side A)
4 She Will Be Loved (Side A)
5 Tangled (Side A)
6 The Sun (Side A)
7 Must Get Out (Side B)
8 Sunday Morning (Side B)
9 Secret (Side B)
10 Through with You (Side B)
11 Not Coming Home (Side B)
12 Sweetest Goodbye (Side B)

- Disc 2 -
1 If I Never See Your Face Again (Side A)
2 Makes Me Wonder (Side A)
3 Little of Your Time (Side A)
4 Wake Up Call (Side A)
5 Won't Go Home Without You (Side A)
6 Nothing Lasts Forever (Side A)
7 Can't Stop (Side B)
8 Goodnight Goodnight (Side B)
9 Not Falling Apart (Side B)
10 Kiwi (Side B)
11 Better That We Break (Side B)
12 Back at Your Door (Side B)

- Disc 3 -
1 Misery
2 Give a Little More
3 Daylight (Side A)
4 Don't Know Nothing
5 Never Gonna Leave This Bed
6 I Can't Lie
7 Hands All Over
8 Fortune Teller (Side B)
9 Get Back in My Life
10 Just a Feeling
11 Doin' Dirt (Side B)
12 Beautiful Goodbye (Side B)

- Disc 4 -
1 Misery (Side A)
2 Give a Little More (Side A)
3 Stutter (Side A)
4 Don't Know Nothing (Side A)
5 Never Gonna Leave This Bed (Side A)
6 I Can't Lie (Side A)
7 Hands All Over (Side B)
8 How (Side B)
9 Get Back in My Life (Side B)
10 Just a Feeling (Side B)
11 Runaway (Side B)
12 Out of Goodbyes (Side B)
13 Moves Like Jagger (Side B)

- Disc 5 -
1 Maps (Side A)
2 Animals (Side A)
3 It Was Always You (Side A)
4 Unkiss Me (Side A)
5 Sugar (Side A)
6 Leaving California (Side A)
7 In Your Pocket (Side B)
8 New Love (Side B)
9 Coming Back for You (Side B)
10 Feelings (Side B)
11 My Heart Is Open (Side B)
12 This Summer (Side B)