How It Works



Sentinel Vinyl offers a large variety of Vinyl Records including In-Stock, Backorder, and Pre-Order LPs. We are constantly updating our catalogue to give customers access to as many records as possible. If you don't see a vinyl you want, please complete the form on our contact page.


Shoppers get access to a large quantity of backorder vinyl records in our store. We want to provide customers with the opportunity to "cut-the-line" when it comes to records that may not be available on the regular market. We know the struggle of trying to land that special vinyl, especially when it sells out the day it returns to the market.

When you place an order for a backordered Item, we reserve that product for you so when it does come back on the market, you're guaranteed that exclusive LP! Not only are we offering these records at great pricing, we want to solve this problem for vinyl shoppers everywhere!

The best part is that customers get free order cancellations* on all backordered items up until they come back in stock. For more information on refunds/cancellations go to our refund policy page


Looking for the newest releases and upcoming vinyl records? Sentinel Vinyl carries a great selection of pre-order vinyl records and DVDs. At any time, customers can place orders for pre-release vinyls to ensure they get one as soon as it releases! On all pre-order product pages, the release date will be shown at the top of the description.


Below are standard shipping estimates given based on what you ordered. 

  • In-Stock Items: Ships within 2 to 8 business days.
  • Pre-Order Items: Ships on or after release date, 2 to 8 business days after it becomes in-stock.
  • Backorder Items: Generally ships between 15 to 45 days. However, sometimes it can take a shorter or longer time to ship depending on the item and when it returns to stock.  We ship 2 to 8 business days after it becomes in-stock.

Note: The shipping estimates given on the checkout page only apply once the items you ordered are in-stock. If you ordered a backordered item, it will take the estimated amount of time on the checkout page, after it is no longer backordered.

All standard shipping is free, although you do have the option to upgrade at checkout for a fee. Upgrades in shipping DO NOT increase shipping speed if the item is backordered or pre-ordered. Shipping upgrades only take effect once the item is in-stock. 

If you have any further questions regarding shipping, please contact us at or fill out the form on the contact page.



*Free order cancellations are valid except for orders exceeding $300 or 4+ items. Such orders will incur a 13% processing fee. For more information on refunds/cancellations go to our refund policy page.

Record Of the Month

If you choose to become a Platinum Member, you will automatically be inducted into our Record of the Month Club! Get a personalized vinyl record every month, tailored specifically for you based off the questionnaire you fill out at sign-up! Not only do you get all the benefits included in the Bronze and Gold plans, but you also get a special vinyl every month to add to your collection. The best part is shipping is free! You become a member and we do the rest!

- - -

The records we send every month are based off of the preferences you set when you fill out the sign-up questionnaire. You have the ability to request specific vinyls that you're looking for. If we don't have those specific vinyls readily available, we will then work on aquiring any records you asked for while we send different ones based off your preferences every month. For more information on how the Record of the Month works, you can email us with any questions you may have.