How Long Will Shipping Take?

All items that are in-stock have a shipping estimate of 2 to 8 business days. Items that are pre-order or backordered have extended handling times. For more information go to the How It Works page.

How Do Backorders Work?

Backordered items are out-of-stock products available for sale. These items have extended handling time since we are waiting for the record labels to send more. For more information go to the How It Works page.

What Kinds Of Products Are Available?

Sentinel Vinyl specializes in selling all things media including vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, Video Games, Books and vinyl accessories. If you're looking for media items other than vinyls, please go to the Extras page located at the bottom of the site.

I Can't Find What I'm Looking For, Now What?

We are constantly updating our catalogue to fit all customer needs. If you don't see an item you want, fill out the form on our Contact page and submit a request to have that product added.

Can I Cancel My Order?

All orders for pre-order or backordered items are available to cancel at any time, for free, before they are in-stock. Once a backordered item comes back in stock, or a pre-order item officially releases, orders can no longer be cancelled. If you still would like to cancel your order after the item is in-stock, you will be subject to a cancellation fee. For more information, please view our Shipping Policy.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We have a 30-day free return policy for any product that meets specific criteria. This includes if the product arrived damaged or if you received the wrong item. For more information on refunds & returns, please visit our Refund Policy page.

Where Can I Get More Info On My Order?

If you ever have any questions regarding your order or product information, feel free to contact us at support@sentinelvinyl.com or go to our Contact Page.

Record Of the Month

If you choose to become a Platinum Member, you will automatically be inducted into our Record of the Month Club! Get a personalized vinyl record every month, tailored specifically for you based off the questionnaire you fill out at sign-up! Not only do you get all the benefits included in the Bronze and Gold plans, but you also get a special vinyl every month to add to your collection. The best part is shipping is free! You become a member and we do the rest!

- - -

The records we send every month are based off of the preferences you set when you fill out the sign-up questionnaire. You have the ability to request specific vinyls that you're looking for. If we don't have those specific vinyls readily available, we will then work on aquiring any records you asked for while we send different ones based off your preferences every month. For more information on how the Record of the Month works, you can email us with any questions you may have.