Movements Feel Something (Sangria Vinyl) Vinyl Record LP

Movements 'Feel Something' (Sangria Vinyl) Vinyl Record LP

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Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release. Music and emotion share a timeless physiological, psychological, and spiritual bond. A chord, a melody, or a lyric can lift spirits and inspire. Movements achieve that sort of reaction on their full-length debut, Feel Something. Threading together spacey guitars, evocative and introspective lyricism, ponderous spoken word, and tight songcraft, the Southern California quartet immediately connect by opening up.


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1 Full Circle
2 Third Degree
3 Colorblind
4 Daylily
5 Deadly Dull
6 Fever Dream
7 Suffer Through
8 Deep Red
9 Under the Gun
10 Submerge
11 The Grey