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MF Doom 'Unexpected Guests' Vinyl Record LP

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From his early days as Zev Love X to his reinvention as a masked supervillain leading the indie hip-hop revolution, lyrical savant MF Doom has remained one of the most interesting figures in the rap universe. 


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1 Fly That Knot
2 Sniper Elite
3 Yikes Scienz of Life
4 Sorcerers
5 Da Supafriendz
6 Quite Buttery
7 ?
8 All Outta Ale
9 E.N.Y. House
10 Bell of Doom
11 My Favorite Ladies
12 Street Corners
13 Angels
14 Fire Wood Drumstykx
15 The Unexpected
16 Project Jazz
17 Black Gold
18 Bonus Track: I Hear Voices (Live)