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Jackson + Sellers 'Breaking Point' Vinyl Record LP

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Release Date: 1/28/2022

Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Introducing Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers, two rising stars who aligned during the pandemic to write one of the most compelling duo albums of the last decade. Drawn together by instant chemistry, cosmic forces and their ability to write intuitive romantic breakup songs for each other, their album is a window into the dissolution of two different relationships and the formation of another: a perfect, platonic, creative union. United in their desire to write a record that reflected their expansive musical interest from 70s rock to raucous roots to indie pop, their LA written, Nashville recorded album is a masterclass in unexpected vocal harmonic convergence. With Breaking Point, Jackson + Sellers establish themselves as two individual artists who together, share a deep friendship, musical kinship and the ability to craft tight singular pop rock songs that will embed themselves in your ears for the rest of time.

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VENDOR: Epitaph, a California Corp.
UPC: 045778782710
RELEASE DATE: 1/28/2022


1 The Devil Is An Angel
2 Breaking Point
3 As You Run
4 The World Is Black
5 Waste Your Time
6 Hush
7 Fair Weather
8 Wound Up
9 The Wild One
10 Has Been