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Bad Suns 'Apocalypse Whenever' CD

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Bad Suns sound - dreamy '80s pastiche flanked by Stratocasters through cranked Vox amps, pulsing synths, and palpable rhythmic energy - that endeared listeners to the band in the first place, and their fourth LP, APOCALYPSE WHENEVER, uses that musical foundation as the jumping-off point for their next evolution.


1 Apocalypse Whenever
2 Summer Lightning
3 Baby Blue Shades
4 Peachy
5 When the World Was Mine
6 Wishing Fountains
7 Electric Circus
8 Nightclub (Waiting for You)
9 Life Was Easier When I Only Cared About Me
10 Heaven Is a Place in My Head
11 Silently Sreaming
12 Grace (I Think I'm in Love Again)
13 Symphony of Lights